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Our Beliefs

girls SG09177At Cathedral Grammar we believe pupils learn best when they:

  • feel safe to share, make mistakes and take risks in a warm, nurturing environment.
  • are highly motivated to learn and are accountable for their learning tasks and outcomes.
  • understand the objectives and purpose of what they are learning.
  • have every opportunity to be critical and reflective learners and to receive feedback that encourages further learning and enquiry.
  • are encouraged to respect the beliefs and opinions of others, as well as their own.
  • know that their individual abilities are recognised and valued, and that opportunities are provided for them to practise a range of learning styles.

Our Goals

Holistic Literacy

Maximising each child’s written and oral literacy, numeracy, scientific, technological, visual, musical and artistic literacy.

Higher Thinking

Promoting each child’s critical, creative and logical thinking to maximise curiosity, creativity, sound reasoning and adaptability.

Personal Communications

Enabling young people to use all forms of interpersonal communication effectively, with the ability to listen to and interact with others to best effect.

Personal Management

Ensuring each pupil is able to prioritise, plan, evaluate and manage themselves to best effect in all they do.

Community Orientation

Developing the ability to work productively, co-operatively and collaboratively in teams and as members of a community.

Our Location

To arrange a visit please contact the School:

Street Address

The Cathedral Grammar School
26 Park Terrace
Christchurch 8013

Phone: (03) 365 0385
Fax: (03) 365 0384

Postal Address

The Cathedral Grammar School
PO Box 2244
Christchurch 8140