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Primary Girls' Prep School

Girls' School - Year 4 to Year 8

Our Girls’ Preparatory School forms a very essential component of this long established School. When girls reach Year 4, they move into the girls' school. The school is unique in New Zealand, being a single-sex campus on a co-educational site. The different learning styles of girls, especially their collaborative approach to learning, is able to used to best advantage in this single-sex environment. web 2009 150

The girls’ school is relatively small in size, with only one class at each year level. The classes are small enough to ensure each girl receives individual attention for the teacher, but large enough to enable the girls to be part of a larger cohort within which they can make friendships. A sense of family is generated, especially with the use of the “House” system where groups of girls from all year levels mix.

The girls thrive in their own school, which was purpose built for them. The learning environment is a pleasant and supportive one, complemented by very highly resourced classrooms. More importantly, the staff are highly qualified and experienced teachers, selected for their empathy in working in a girls’ school environment. Significantly, many of the specialist teachers are male, adding to the diversity of the way in which the curriculum is delivered.

The importance of a smaller class size can not be underestimated or understated.  Lower numbers of pupils in each class allows each child to receive significant individualised support from their teacher.  This ensures  that early and appropriate learning support is given as soon as the need is identified, and that strengths are built on through extension activities.

web 2009 154The Girls' School is a busy and exciting place to be, with girls of all ages involved in an environment that encourages their academic, cultural, social and physical development, as well as nurturing their social and spiritual needs.

Leadership opportunities are made available to and experienced by the girls at all year levels, with responsibilities for various tasks, school activities  or in sports teams allocated to ensure each child develops the personal skills and confidence to lead others.

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