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Primary Boys' Prep School

Boys' School - Years 4 to 8

When boys reach Year 4 they move into the Boys' Preparatory School, where we actively engage them in ways to meet the specific learning needs of boys. We support and value their academic, sporting, cultural ability, and social development, as they discover their interests and talents.

The Boys’ School role is to ensure that every boy is thoroughly prepared, with the requisite proven ability and behaviour, to be able to gain entry into the secondary school of their first choice. More than this, our aim is to instil in every boy the confidence to look you in the eye, give you a firm handshake, and speak and act with the confidence and ability that signals that this School has helped them begin their journey to achieving their fullest potential.  web 2009 129

Boy's learning styles mean that co-educational classes are not always the best forum in which to impart knowledge. Single sex classes offer the opportunity to target and deliver the curriculum in the most effective and interesting style possible for your son.

The Boys' School is characterised by a high proportion of male teachers, creating an environment where boys have many opportunities to be led by positive male role models.

Uniquely, whilst it is largely a boys-only education, there are a number of opportunities for the boys to interact positively with the girls in the Girls School, thus reaping all the benefits of a single-sex education on a co-educational school site.

Prep School programme

The academic programme is structured, with high standards expected from all students. We believe in prescriptive education which requires guidelines to be laid down and followed in a wide range of subjects, with high priority being given to the basics of literacy and numeracy. The prescription for each subject ensures that there is a steady progression in all subjects from year to year, and that definite goals are achieved.

In the English syllabus, formal grammar, spelling and handwriting are taught. An interest in literature, poetry and drama is encouraged, as well as the ability to write imaginatively.

In mathematics, we have developed a syllabus which demands competence in the basic operations. Tables are taught formally and emphasis is given to applying mathematics to problem solving.

Other subjects complement the core of the curriculum, and highlight the diversity of what is taught. Art, physical education and outdoor education are by far the most popular with the boys, along with ICT (Information Communication Technology) and drama. Religious education, social studies (with an emphasis on history and geography), science and languages (currently French and German) round out the curriculum.

Our Location

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