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Boys' School

Year 4 to Year 8

Boys SchoolOur busy and productive Boys’ School is founded on and designed around teaching methods which actively engage boys and meet their specific learning needs. We believe it is important for boys to be taught in their own gender classes in the critical period from Years 4 to 8, when the different learning characteristics and needs of the sexes become more pronounced.


The Boys’ School meets the fine balance between boys’ needs for structure, activity, guidance, freedom and direction.  Boys enjoy healthy competition, challenge, hands-on learning and immediate reward as they make the most of their educational environment.

The Boys’ School has a high proportion of male teachers, creating an environment where boys have positive male role models. A key aim is to instill in every boy the confidence to look you in the eye, give you a firm handshake, and speak and act from a genuine sense of self-belief.

In addition to the 24 Cathedral choristers, some 40 boys sing in the Boys' Chapel Choir, leading worship in our weekly services. The Boys' and Girls' Prep Schools join forces for a variety of cultural events from the orchestra to stage productions, stage band to chapel services, outdoor education days to camp weeks. Boys and girls share the playground.

"We believe it is important for boys to be taught in their own gender classes in the critical period from Years 4 to 8, when the different learning characteristics and needs of the sexes become more pronounced."

The School Programme

Year 4 to Year 8

In meeting our commitment to our pupils, the curriculum is delivered through the increasing specialist teaching of the following subjects:

Citizenship & Pastoral Care

  • Virtues project
  • Objective setting and self-evaluation
  • Personal responsibility
  • Team work and leadership


  • Reading and studies of literature
  • Spelling
  • Written expression covering an increasing range of genre
  • Grammar and usage
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Public Speaking


  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Algebra


  • Biological studies
  • Exploration of physics in the natural world
  • Understanding in chemistry
  • Geology
  • Environmental studies
  • Astronomy
  • Technology

History & Geography

  • New Zealand
  • Civics and the local community
  • South Pacific and Pacific Rim
  • The world and our place in it


  • Singing and choral music
  • Making music and improvisation
  • Reading music
  • Performance – keyboard, recorder, guitar, ukulele
  • Appreciation
  • Orchestra, stage band, ensembles
  • Competitions


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Construction and sculpture
  • Clay
  • Fabric, fibre and collage
  • Cultural art
  • Artistic models

Physical Education and Sport

  • Fitness
  • Athletics and locomotive skills
  • Gymnastics and movement skills
  • Throwing and catching; large and small ball skills
  • Swimming and aquatics
  • Dance
  • Perceptual motor programme
  • Summer sport – cricket, tennis
  • Winter sport – hockey, netball, rugby

Religious Education

  • Bible, tradition and history
  • Christian doctrine and worship
  • World religions
  • Ethics, morals and values
  • Personal faith and philosophical issues


  • Te Reo
  • French
  • Latin

Information Technology

Cathedral Grammar invests heavily in information technology as part of its commitment to providing the ideal preparation for children’s futures.  

Most teaching spaces are equipped with interactive whiteboards which allow for electronic interaction with resources and learners. All staff have notebook or desktop access, both in-house and remote, to the school’s virtualised 
servers allowing for continuous interaction with their resources and pupils.

All pupils have access to computers.  A pod of computers in the Pre-School and a separate one in the Junior School provide access to reinforcement and resources although our philosophy is to minimise the use of computers in the teaching and learning programme at this level.

Years 4 & 5 have the use of a full computer laboratory while, at Year 6, each pupil is provided with a notebook which is theirs until they leave the school, providing access “on demand” to their resources, the internet and their teacher.

Outdoor Education

Our school camping programme for Year 4 boys and girls involves a day of outdoor activities followed by an overnight sleep out in tents in a country environment.

The three-day camp for Year 5 boys and girls includes orienteering, rock pool studies, archery and high-ropes challenges.  

Year 6 and Year 7 classes camp builds on the Year 5 experience with longer walks and mountain biking on forest trails.  Children work together on team challenges and cook one of their meals on camp stoves.  

Year 7 Leadership Camp takes place in November, the pupils camp under canvas at Orton Bradley Park. This camp, which includes sail training, search and rescue, first aid, team games and ropes, helps to identify the next year’s school leaders.

The Year 8 camp is very special and, for many children, one of the highlights of their final year.  The format is a six-day camping expedition into the Omarama and Mount Cook regions.  Sleeping in tents on most nights, the campers stay at Peel Forest, on a high-country sheep station in the Ahuriri River valley, and at Mount Cook.

In addition to camps, all year groups above Year 3 have individual outdoor education days which include sailing, beach education, surf safe, ice-skating and climbing.

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