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Our Commitment

girls SG09194Our commitment is to ensure that when a Cathedral Grammar boy or girl graduates for 
secondary school…

Holistic Literacy

  • They are familiar with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction writing.
  • They understand and can readily apply a range of mathematical concepts.
  • They have a general understanding of scientific concepts that helps explain the natural and technological worlds.
  • They have sound cultural and global awareness through exposure to the lessons of history and current social issues.
  • They have explored, and have a passion for further exploring, the richness of life through music, art, drama and religious studies.
  • They are self-motivated in extending their skills and knowledge across the board.  

Higher Thinking

  • They are perpetually curious about the world around them.
  • They are reflective learners who question, debate, justify, reason and share ideas and opinions.
  • They are creative thinkers who are confident in expressing themselves and experimenting with fresh ways of communication and expression.
  • They are able to account for contradictions and balance risk and reward in all their actions.

Personal Communications

  • They engage positively and constructively with others at all times.
  • They listen actively and sensitively to others.
  • They express personal beliefs and feelings while being sensitive to the beliefs and feelings of others.
  • They can communicate confidently and effectively with different audiences over various media in a variety of settings.

Personal Management

  • They prioritise tasks effectively and are flexible when circumstances change.
  • They organise their personal environment while being sensitive to the needs of others around them.
  • They plan and manage their time and tasks to consistently good outcomes.
  • They use technology to its fullest potential in organising themselves.

Community Orientation

  • They are closely involved in community activities.
  • They take personal responsibility for commitments to their communities.
  • They work productively and collaboratively as a matter of course.
  • They are open to and aware of the spiritual dimension in their lives.

Our Location

To arrange a visit please contact the School:

Street Address

The Cathedral Grammar School
26 Park Terrace
Christchurch 8013

Phone: (03) 365 0385
Fax: (03) 365 0384

Postal Address

The Cathedral Grammar School
PO Box 2244
Christchurch 8140