A Moment in Time


On Thursday 5 April, the J2s, J3s and Y4s went to Victoria Square to bury a time capsule. Otakaro Trust kindly asked The Cathedral Grammar School to participate in this auspicious event.   The children were asked to think about things they could place in the time capsule because we are the closest school to Victoria Square. We picked things to put into the time capsule that will be different in a few years from now. We stored an owl, a Kia Kaha book, pencils, a poem, some writing and pictures we had drawn of the Stations of the Cross. It was an interesting opportunity for the children to engage in, and there was much to learn. We had to freeze the PE gear to ensure that no bugs would be stored in the capsule.     The time capsule will be dug up in 63 years time, on the 16 May, 2081!  This coincides with our 200 year anniversary. Things will look a lot different then!

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