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Make life one long adventure

life adventure largeAt three, the budding adventurers have their first taste of the possibilities of the world (aided by older, wiser adventurers, of course.)

At age five, with basic navigation skills mastered, Junior School awaits, promising discovery in every sense – and using every sense.

With the self-assurance of seasoned discoverers, the adventurers then look to the horizon. They look towards primary and intermediate schools with their promises of a whole new world of discovery to come – academical, musical, artistic and physical.

There they set up base camp – their foundation for a lifetime of adventuring to come.

Cathedral Grammar enables children to experience co-educational learning in the Pre-School and Junior School and separate Boys' and Girls' Prep schooling from Year 4, all in the one community.

It's a unique series of schools within a school, communities within a community – a school that grows with its pupils as they grow.

It's the result of a commitment to providing the ideal environment for learning at every stage of a child's development, recognising and meeting their changing needs as they grow, and as the adventure continues...

"a unique series of schools within a school, communities within a community"

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