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Girl power!

girl power largeAnnelise Oorschot and Elizabeth Cain are recent graduates of Canterbury University’s College of Engineering, preparing for sparkling futures.

As they move beyond university and into the wide world, they are taking with them something they treasure more than any scholarship or qualification.

The ability to think.

And where did they begin to develop this most important of life skills?

Cathedral Grammar.

Since 1985, Cathedral Grammar has provided the ideal environment for girls to develop their potential, their ability to think inside, outside and all around the box, to problem-solve and to grasp life in both hands, in a uniquely supportive environment.

Co-educational at Pre-School and Junior School levels, followed by single-sex schooling in Years 4 to 8, Cathedral Grammar is unmatched at meeting young girls’ changing needs at each stage of their primary development.

A school for girls who grasp life in both hands, learn to shape their own futures and, like Annelise and Elizabeth, are building great futures.

“a school for girls who grasp life in both hands”

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